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Bridge to Nowhere

Gorgeous sunny perfect day♥

New Zealand snails taking over apparently. We didn't see any snails, New Zealand or otherwise.


Indian Paintbrush

These lizards were THROWING THE FUCK DOWN. Adorable.


Lost track of how many times we had to cross the stream. Every time it curved around we'd have to cross to find the trail on the other side (Which we lost track of a few times).

Tree tobacco.

First time we lost the trail. Had to climb up this 90 degree feeling pile to get back to the path.

Mystery wall. I like to blame everything out of place on the Blair Witch.

Back on the correct trail.

Even this deep in the woods no blank wall is safe from tagging. Oh LA, you so silly.

On the left is poison oak. On the right is mugwort, a natural remedy to poison oak rash. They often (conveniently) grow near each other. This picture is so perfect it hurts.

One of the first river crossings we made.

Bull thistle.

Saw tons of these, hard to say what they are since they weren't fully bloomed out. Might be pincushion flower? EDIT: It's chia!!


Stink beetle.

Prickly phlox.

A bridge to SOMEWHERE LOLOLOL. Ok, sorry.

Male mallard duck happily perched on one webbed foot.

Veered off the trail again. Landed in a very painfully spiky yucca forest.

About two hours in, half way to the bridge.

Delicious miner's lettuce. It is quite edible, so of course we munched on some.

A species of larkspur. Not sure which though...

Nice fully bloomed yucca.

Close up of yucca flowers. Yucca plants only bloom once and then die.

Trail was washed out, had to climb this pile to get back to the top.

Another yucca. Motherfucker looks like some prehistoric shit.

White sage.

Made it to the top! No more trees here.

Four hours and about 5 miles late and we made it! Bridge To Nowhere! 

Bridge was built in 1936 as part of a road meant to connect the San Gabriel Valley with Wrightwood in the mountains. During its construction there was a flood and the roads were washed out. So they abandoned the project, leaving the bridge to stand alone miles deep in the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. Nowadays it's owned by a company that does bungee jumping. Here's a crazy guy in mid jump.

Hiked down the very steep, rocky fucking terrifying cliff face to get down to the river for swimming.

Swam in about three different spots, but this one was the nicest. Water was ICY fucking cold though.


Really gorgeous place.

Little spot on the cliff side where water would trickle down from above. Lots of ferns an mosses. There were tons of little blue dragonflies too. It was so perfect it looked almost fake, haha.

We all jumped in.


Over the edge.

On the way back down we spotted a hummingbird landing in her tiny tiny nest. Very awesome. Very tiny.

Sun going down and we're still about 3 hours and 14 river crossings away from being done.

I really love this picture. Yucca♥


Dodder. It's a parasitic plant. Socal people, you can see tons of this stuff growing alongside freeways. Looks like huge balls of orange hair.

Small waterfall. Had lost the trail again at this point.

Pearly everlasting.

And finally a short video of one of the areas we swam in. You can see the cliff trickle area~

So after more than 10 hours and about 11 miles worth of hiking we made it back. I had to throw away my shoes, pants and two pairs of socks. I'm still sore as hell. I got sunburns in weird places, too...



May. 21st, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
Yayyy, we must go naturing together sometime.

I really don't know why the poison oak and mugwort are found together. They're both really common understory plants for oak woodlands. Lucky break? HAND OF GOD?!

Gah, I've seen lots of yucca, but these were the best blooms I've ever seen so close! I was so giddy, haha. And oh yeah! Monkeyflowers grow like damn weeds around here! It's really awesome!


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