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Went to Evey Canyon yesterday with my good friend ronin_tak . It was a great hike, weather was very nice and we saw tons of birds. Evey Canyon is my favorite hiking spot around here and I'm REALLY looking forward to the spring flower bloom. We also got some pretty awesome pictures in the drainage tunnel that runs beneath the mountain road.


Most of Evey Canyon is streamside oak woodland. It burned pretty bad here about 7 years ago, and a lot of dead and scorched trees still stand. Oaks are really hearty when it comes to fire.

Gooseberries. They won't ripen until summer.

Yucca. Very spiny, not fun to get poked by.


Dead bull thistle. Looks like this when in bloom: 

Buckwheat minus flowers.

See through tree!

There's either a HUGE beehive or quite a few smaller ones up in the trees around here. You can constantly hear an incredible droning buzz of a billion bee wings. I have no idea where it is (nor do I want to find it) but it's really something amazing. Certain places the buzz is SO loud. It's really indescribable. It's so quiet here, so it feels like it's just you and about 9 bazillion bees.

Wild cucumber. 


Moss covered rock face.

Close up shot of moss.

The moss close-ups came out REALLY awesome. I have a new found appreciation for moss♥.


This is pretty much where the trail begins to wind back down the other side of the mountain. You can see the snow on the ridges a few over.

From here a fire road leads to a (poorly) fenced off clear area. Probably to land helicopters and park fire engines when fire season rolls around and the area catches fire (often).

From the top of the hill. On a clear day (lol, clear in southern cali?) you can see across quite a few cities. This day was pretty hazy and cloudy.

Nice chaparral covered hillsides.  

These itty-bitty flowers covered the top of the hill.

There were A LOT of woodpeckers out. I mean TONS. I've been to Evey Canyon quite a few times and I'd never seen so many. I think this one was posing for me. FYI, they sound EXACTLY like Woody Woodpecker when they call. It's hilarious.

Recent rains had washed out a bit of the trail.

Charred piece of log being eaten by fungus.

Gray squirrel.

Practicing my best Steve Zissou pose.

Back down by the stream were tons of fallen trees. This one had a bout a billion woodpecker holes in it.

Lots of greenery down by the stream.

The round green leaves are Miner's Lettuce. It's edible!

We hiked the creek all the way down to get to the drainage tunnel. Had to cross the creek on a fallen log. Here's Tak getting across.

That tree was covered with these crazy ants. They were not happy we were walking on their log. We were pretty covered with them on the way back out. Apparently they bite pretty hard. It's impossible to dislodge them from your clothes. They bite and really don't wanna let go.

The creek ran into this drainage tunnel which carried it beneath the mountain road.



Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
Wow. That's really neat!! I wonder how that works though XD


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