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Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden 5/24/10

Alright, so many RAS botanic garden posts that I think I need to start dating them, lol.

lots and lots of wildflowers♥Collapse )

Upper Newport Back Bay 2

Third trip to Newport Back Bay~ Didn't get to go kayaking this time, but I remembered to bring my camera to the tide pools for once, derp.

Tide pool and estuary photos~Collapse )

Santa Rosa Plateau

Went to Santa Rosa Plateau with my botany class. Only had about an hour and a half for a hike, but we still managed to see some nice things.

more photos♥Collapse )

Went to Evey Canyon yesterday with my good friend ronin_tak . It was a great hike, weather was very nice and we saw tons of birds. Evey Canyon is my favorite hiking spot around here and I'm REALLY looking forward to the spring flower bloom. We also got some pretty awesome pictures in the drainage tunnel that runs beneath the mountain road.

more pictures♥Collapse )


Went to Biotrek at Cal Poly Pomona yesterday. Saw some awesome rain forest plants and animals.

Nooo idea what the names of any of these are Collapse )